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Digging into the FCC's Third Report and Order & One Touch Make Ready

What You Need to Know About OTMR

One Touch Make Ready Tip Sheet: 5 Ways to Get FCC Compliant

A Few of our Favorite Things

FCC Compliance and One Touch Make Ready

Preparing Your Staff: One Touch Make Ready and Broadband Deployment

The Promises of One Touch Make Ready (OTMR)

Getting Started with OTMR: Make Ready Work

Challenges with FCC Internet Regulation and One Touch Make Ready

Are You Ready for One Touch Make Ready?

How Dark Fiber Impacts the Telecom & Power Industry

The Impact of Fiber Optic Internet & Small Cell on Joint Use

3 Challenges of Fiber Deployment and How to Improve the Process

What is Fiber Optic Cable? 7 Things Joint Use Should Know

Small Cell Technology: Today’s Top Joint Use Challenge

Labor Day Isn't a Holiday for All Workers

Small Cell Backhaul Requirements for Telecommunications

6 Ways Small Cell Will Impact the Future

5 Ways Small Cell Wireless is Changing Connectivity

Small Cell Towers and the FCC

What DAS and Small Cell Attachers Want to Know About Your Assets

4 Ways to Streamline Joint Use Processes: Preparing for Small Cell Deployment

How Power Utilities are Managing the Explosion of Small Cell Installations

3 Cities to Explore on Independence Day

Small Cell Architecture 101

The Future of Small Cell Sites for Telecoms

DAS vs. Small Cell: 7 Ways They are Different

What are Small Cell Attachments? Introduction for Joint Use Owners

Cybersecurity Series: Best Practices for Joint Use Infrastructure (Part 5/5)

Cybersecurity Series: What’s Happening with CATV and Broadband Providers? (Part 4/5)

Cybersecurity Series: What are Communications Companies Facing? (Part 3/5)

Cybersecurity Series: What are Power Companies Facing? (Part 2/5)

Cybersecurity Series: Managing Risks in Critical Infrastructure (Part 1/5)

The Rise of Distributed Antenna Systems: The Impact on Joint Use Assets

Small Cell Attachments Pave the Way for 5G Wireless

The Difference in Power Space and Communication Space in the Race to Attach

Top Joint Use Violations Under the NESC Guidelines

Patching Legacy Joint Use Applications: Three Concerns

The State of Broadband in America (Part 3 of 3)

The State of Broadband in America (2 of 3)

The State of Broadband in America  (1 of 3)

Utility Pole Violations (Part 3): Environmental Conditions

Utility Pole Violations (Part 2): Damage on the Pole

Utility Pole Violations (Part 1): Dangerous Conditions

Conduit Asset Management (Part 4): Safety + Access in Manholes and Handholes

Conduit Asset Management (Part 3): Violations in Manholes and Handholes

Conduit Asset Management (Part 2): Structural Damage in Manholes

Conduit Asset Management (Part 1): Trespass in Manholes and Handholes

Getting Ahead in 2018: Keeping Our Resolutions (Part 3 of 3)

Getting Ahead in 2018: Conduit Inspections (Part 2 of 3)

Getting Ahead in 2018: Pole Inspections (Part 1 of 3)

Field Asset Services: Making Asset Data More Accessible (Part 3 of 3)

Field Asset Services: Improving Safety through Crowdsourcing Data (Part 2/3)

Why We Appreciate the Electric Utility & Communication Industries: 4 Reasons

Utility Line Workers Have One of America’s Top Ten Most Dangerous Jobs (Part 1 of 3)

Building More Responsive Mutual Aid Networks

Issues with Mutual Aid Organizations (Part 5)

Natural Disaster Risks to Utility Infrastructure Management (Part 4)

Utilities and Wildfires: Using Fire Mapping to Prioritize Proactive Asset Maintenance (Part 3)

Utilities and Wildfires: The Real Costs of Reactive Repairs (Part 2)

Utilities and Wildfires: The Shortfalls of Standard Fire Mapping Use (Part 1)

Underground Conduit Infrastructure [Part 5]: Five Necessities for an Underground Inventory

Underground Conduit Infrastructure [Part 4]: The Aboveground Impact of Underground Neglect

Underground Conduit Infrastructure [Part 3]: Digging in to Violations, Safety, and Damage

Underground Conduit Infrastructure [Part 2]: Sneaking Around Underground

Underground Conduit Infrastructure [Part 1]: Looking Under the Surface

The Power of Good Data

Better Communities Through Better Infrastructure

3 Strategies to Speed Up the Lag in Broadband Deployment

Better Route Planning is the Key to Faster Deployment

Addressing Security Concerns with Centralized Asset Data

Getting Started with a Joint Use Platform [Part 4]: An In-Depth Look at Data and Reporting

Getting Started with a Joint Use Platform [Part 3]: Training for Users

Fun Facts About America's Technology Leaders

Getting Started with a Joint Use Platform [Part 2]: Integrating with Current Enterprise Systems

Getting Started with a Joint Use Platform [Part 1]: How To Enter All That Data

Balancing Safety and Access On Poles and In Vaults

What’s the Hold-Up? The Future of Broadband Deployment

Is Your Field Asset Data Secure?

The Benefits of a Joint Use Platform [Part 3]: For Attachers

The Benefits of a Joint Use Platform [Part 2]: For Asset Owners

The Benefits of a Joint Use Platform [Part 1]: For States and Organizations

Data Asset Management: Current Challenges and Solutions

The Prevalence (and Danger) of Delayed Pole Transfers

The Battle Against Double Wood and Aging Pole Transfers

When a Utility Pole Falls, Who is Liable for the Damage?

How to Extend the Life of Your Utility Poles

Consumers are Changing the Utility Industry

How to Streamline Joint Use Utility Pole Transfers

The 4 Types of Utility Pole Transfers

An Introduction to Utility Pole Joint Use

Taking Asset Inventory: 5 Key Steps to Get Started

How the IoT Will Move Companies from Data Collection to Data-Driven Deployment

Outdated Data: Worse Than No Data?

Unlocking the Massive Market Potential of the IoT and Machine Learning

Data: The Most Valuable Asset in IIOT

The Growing Importance of IoT and IIoT

The Question of Aging Infrastructure

A Year in Review: Field Asset Management and Joint Use in 2016 The Highlights, Lessons Learned and Big Trends that Emerged During the Past Year

The Changing Winds of Joint Use Liability: Shared Responsibility May Be the Key to Improving Network Asset Management

Smart Joint Use Equipment: How Machine-to-Machine Communication Will Revolutionize Network Asset Management

Winning Strategies: How Some Companies are Turning Field Asset Management into an Efficient Money-Maker [Part 2]

Winning Strategies: How Some Companies are Turning Field Asset Management into an Efficient Money-Maker [Part 1]

The Push to Beautify Utility Infrastructure: Field Services Considerations for Aesthetic Improvements

Tall Trees and Sagging Wires: Significant Risks of Unmanaged Vegetation

Highlight on IoT: A Greener Future — Field Services Will Become More Energy Efficient with the Internet of Things (Part 3 of 3)

Highlight on IoT: 3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change the Future of Infrastructure Asset Management (Part 2 of 3)

Highlight on IoT: What Does the Internet of Things Mean for Fixed Asset Management? (Part 1 of 3)

Today’s Joint Use Takes a Village: Teaming Up to Dig Through a Backlog

Who is on the Line? Contractor Coordination Under "One Touch Make Ready"

Storm of the Century: How Weather Can Wreck Infrastructure

Big Questions in Infrastructure Asset Management: Why is Joint Use Important?

Less Room on the Pole = No Room for Error

Is it Time to Renegotiate Your Joint Use Contracts?

"Return to Sender" and Other Surprising Joint Use Contract Woes

Mind the Gaps—Outdated Joint Use Contracts Can Cost You

3 Reasons a Joint Use Handshake Agreement is No Better Than a Pat on the Back

Your Double Poles Are Hiding Lost Revenue

Why Double Wood is Really a Resource Contention Issue

How Double Wood Could Damage Your City's Revitalization

Building & Maintaining Relationships With Joint Use

Do the Math: Compounding Poles Equals Compounding Fines

From Collisions to Crossing Hazards: How Double Wood Can be Doubly Dangerous to the Public

Tales From the Vault #2: Stories of Joint Use in the Wild

Tales From the Vault #1: Stories of Joint Use in the Wild

Tips for Field Asset Management: Create an Assessment Strategy

Prevent Attachers from Becoming Bootleggers

The Bootlegger’s Tale: 2 Reasons Attachers Go Rogue

Your Attachment, My Liability: The Burden of the Utility Pole Owner

How Backlogs Can Send Your Business Backwards

Joint Use Hot Topics: The Race for Air and Land

3 Rules for Surviving Competition for Pole and Conduit Owners

The New Way Double Wood is Becoming a Double Headache

The Hidden Cost of Resource Contention

The Good Old Bad Old Days: Joint Use 50 Years Ago and Today

3 Personality Types You Should Look for in a Managed Services Provider

Do You Need Joint Use Assistance and Not Know It?

Outsourcing & Infrastructure Asset Management: Pick Your Mix

How is Double Wood a Double Headache? Let Us Count the Ways

How Managed Services Bring the Two Halves of Joint Use Together

Why Moving On is Hard to Do – For Pole Owners

Why Moving On (Changing Poles) is Hard to Do – For Attachers

Get your Head in the Cloud: 3 Ways Cloud Computing Has Changed Business and Will Change Joint Use

Three Things Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us About Joint Use

3 Habits of Highly Organized Joint Use Professionals

What Does the Future of Joint Use Look Like?

Weird Weather Ahead: El Niño and Infrastructure Asset Management

Three Big Things That Will Impact Infrastructure Asset Management in 2016

How Could Economic Recovery Affect Your Business as Usual?

Field Inspection Benefits: Catching Top Violations

A Joint Use Inquiry: To In-House or Outsource?

Think Ahead: How Being Proactive Can Benefit Joint Use

When "Business as Usual" is Anything but: Coping with the Everyday & the Unforeseen

The Resource Contention Conundrum: Productivity Hacks for Joint Use

A Joint Use Recipe: Backlog Buffet

How Do Bad Backlogs Happen to Good Companies?

Bad Poles Part II: How to Avoid Owning Them

Bad Poles: Do You Own Them & What is Your Liability?

What Happens When the Contractual Agreement for Pole Transfer Completion Expires? 

4 Crucial Things to Assess to Gain Control Over Utility Pole Transfer Requests

3 Reasons Your Utility Pole Transfer Requests Are Overdue

Navigating the Field Asset Management Cycle: Keeping Data Current

Navigating the Field Asset Management Cycle: Getting Results

Navigating the Field Asset Management Cycle: Collecting Data

Navigating the Field Asset Management Cycle: Need Better Data?

Field Asset Management: A Continuous Cycle

Behind Utility Pole Inspection: How Are Poles Made?

Deregulation: Managing Change with Infrastructure Asset Management

Wrapping up NESC Encyclopedia: G for Greater Than, H for Head to Next Pole

F is for Forty Inches: Ensuring Safe Workspaces Via Utility Pole Inspection

E is for Equipment: Asset Verification for Effective Asset Management

D is for Define: Knowing Your Assets in Utility Pole Inspection

C is for Capture: Asset Verification in the Field

B is for Behold: Getting a Closer Look During Utility Pole Inspection

The First Stop in a Field Asset Audit: Making Utility Poles Safer

Infrastructure Asset Management and Change: Predicting the Future

Infrastructure Asset Management and Change: What’s New?

Get Efficient, Save Money: Electronic Asset Verification & Management

Field Asset Management: An Encyclopedia of NESC Inspection

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List #10: Leaning Poles

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List #9 Missing & Damaged Ground Wires

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List #8: Abandoned Poles

Joint Use Most Wanted List #7: Abandoned J-Hooks, P-Hooks & Anchors

The Human Element of Asset Management: Technician Accountability

Basic Asset Management: How Keeping Track of Your Business Assets Saves Money

Telecom CO Spotlight: Spare Cabinet ESD (electrostatic discharge)

The Down Low on RT - Remote Terminal Assets

The Rural Broadband Experiment: The Winners!

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List, #6: Improper Climbing and Working Space

Pack and Ship: Safe Circuit Pack Shipping to Avoid Loss

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List #5: Mid-Span Vertical Clearance Issues

Spotlight on Joint Use: The Oregon Joint Use Association

Bring out Your Dead: Tracking, Treatment of Defective Plug-in Assets

Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List #4: Damaged Comm Drops

Manufacture Discontinued Assets: Do Not Hoard, Label!

Cities get busy as citizens Demand Broadband; Cities Get Busy

Utility Pole Producers, Costs and Maintenance

CO Spotlight: What is ESD and What Does it Mean for Me?

Why Use Third-Party Administration? Reason 3: Knowledge is Power

Why Use Third-Party Administration? Reason 2: Flexibility

Why Use Third-Party Administration? Reason 1: Backlogs

The Wonderful Wood Utility Pole: History and Benefits

Real-Life Tales of Conduit Horror

Copper Theft: Out of Control

The Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List, #3: Guy Structure

The Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List, #2 – Damaged and Broken Poles

The Joint Use Violation Most Wanted List, #1 – Aging Pole Transfers

The pole has to go: Utility Pole Transfer Designations

Plugs: Eight Criteria for Creating Optimal Inside Plant Inventory Safety Levels

Pole Safety: An Owner's Perspective

Telecommunications Inside Plant: What is a Central Office?

Hang the For Sale Sign: Why & When of Buying or Selling Utility Poles

The Inventory Cycle: When and How Often?

How to Generate Revenue with Equipment Spares

Three Ways to Improve Inventory Management

Integration & Inventory: Creating a Tightly Connected Asset Catalog

Gigabit Service to “Light Up Cincinnati”: Are you Ready?

Why ID Unknown Assets?

Inventory Management 201: 10 Benefits to Spare Recovery

Inventory Basics: Five Tips to Get You Started

Happy 100th Birthday to the NESC!

Four-Wall Inventory: The Real Value

Two-Wheeled Wellness: In the U.S.A's Right-of-Way

Five Must-Haves for Beginning an Asset Inventory Project

Counting on Success: Calculating Safety Stock Levels

A Double Wood Double Feature: What does Your Company Do?

Refuse or Revenue: Inventory Management Reveals Spare Equipment

Copper Theft: A Dangerous Epidemic

Joint Use Trivia: Everything You Never Knew About Utility Poles

Know Your Assets: Six Asset Inventory Fundamentals

Pros & Cons of Asset Management Using RFID

Calm, Collected, Accounted for: Integrate Inventory Data & Accounting

GPS vs. Asset Tags: Are Your Poles Speaking the Language of Success?

Organization to Go: The Benefits of Inventorying Trucks

Benefits of Joint Use Departments: Part Two

Taking out the Trash: Disposing of Equipment Excess after Inventory

Asset Inventory: Take Control to Avoid Negative Consequences

Inventory Management: Use Internal Resources or Outsource?

Gigabit Wireless: Are You Ready?

DAS: The Next Great Attachment Race

Inventory Management 101: Improving Data Collection and Asset Recovery Processes

Underground Vaults: Out of Sight But Not Out of Reach for Bootlegs

Joint Use Departments: The Benefits

Repair it or Regret it: Six Fixes You May Have Overlooked

Joint Use Communication: Getting the Right Data to the Right Department Right on Time

Five Reasons to Take Control of your Inventory Audit Cycle

Contract Enforcement: 3 Reasons it should be at the Top of Pole Owners’ To-Do Lists

Attachments: Identifying—and Solving—Common Problems

Before the Deal and After the Fact: Two Ways to Banish Bootlegs

Delayed Pole Transfer and Injury: A Serious Problem

Left Behind: Dealing with Abandoned Equipment

Best Practices: Your Company’s Best Bet

Eight Rules for Successful Software Implementation

Get off that Pole: 3 Keys to Getting Attachers to Transfer

Rural Broadband: Benefits to Communities, Effects on Utility Pole Owners

Field Inventories Pay Off

Goodbye to Spreadsheets, Hello to the Future of Joint Use Management.

Utility Pole Audits: Why It’s Important to Peruse your Poles

Scanned, Sealed and Delivered: Barcode Scanning for Accuracy

7 Things Joint Use Managers May Be Overlooking

Spring Cleaning: Violations and Backlogs

Tall and Skinny and Full of Problems: What is eating your utility poles?

Electric Utility Substation Sabotage: Stakes Remain High for Future Security

Utility Pole Attachment Agreements: Ohio Sets the Stage

Conduit Horrors: Five Scary Reasons to Check Your Vaults

Girding the Grid: Vandalism, Safety and Security

What Lies Beneath: Safety, Security and Underground Vaults

Rural America is Ready for Broadband. Are you?

Safety Counts: In the Office and on the Lines

Joint Use Management: What’s your Process?

Local vs. State Control: Municipalities Join the Fight

On a Roll: Reducing Expenses with Timely Utility Pole Inspections

Lawsuits and Liability: When Poles Break, You May Pay

DAS and You: As Wi-Fi Booms, Don’t Bust

Backlogs: The Bane of Pole Owner Business

New Rules for California Utility Poles

Protecting Utility Poles from Wildfires

Reduce Your Costs and Increase Revenue – Know Your Poles Attributes

Pitfalls of Joint Use Utility Pole Management: Project Notification

Utility Pole Data: 4 Must-Have Facts

Tax Savings via Accurate Data: The Missed Benefit for Inside Plant Asset Owners

What's Hanging on Your Utility Pole and Are You Liable?

Risks of Not Properly Managing Pole and Conduit Inventory

Utility Pole Hole Liability

The Cost of Incomplete Utility Pole Regulatory Review

Responding to Hazardous Utility Pole Complaints

Utility Poles and Technology: How Modern Advances Aid a Centuries-Old Industry

Utility Poles and Tornadoes: Joint Use Preparation and Recovery

The Pitfalls of Managing Utility Pole Transfers in Joint Use

Managing Joint Use Utility Poles Attachments: Overloading

Telecom Asset Management: Requirements for CO Inventory Software

The Cost of Utility Pole Engineering Mistakes

Joint Use Engineering Mistakes Caused by Inaccurate Data

Pole Transfer or Double Pole Backlogs? What You Need to Know Now

Best Practices: Ways to Inventory & Manage Geographically Diverse Physical Assets

Should Utilities and Telcos Build or Buy their Asset Management Software?

Safety and Communication Challenges for Joint Use Utility Pole Owners

Best Practices: Tackling Joint Use Utility Pole Attachment Requests

Potential Pitfalls of Managing Joint Use Utility Pole Transfers

Winter Weather and Utility Poles: Preparing for and Overcoming Ice and Snow

Avoiding Utility Pole Location Liability

Utility Pole Inspections to Measure Rot or Strength

Performing Inventory & Managing Joint Use Assets

Improving Pole Owner-Attacher Relationships through Better Communication

The Challenges of Joint Use Utility Poles

Utility Pole Falls on SUV: Who is Liable?

Closing the Gap in Joint Use Communication

3 Ways to Avoid Joint Use Utility Pole Overloading

Reducing Paper Flow in Joint Use Utility Pole Management

Solving the Double Pole Problem

Adapting to Changes in the Joint Use Utility Pole Industry

National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Violations Impact on Joint Use Pole Owners

Unauthorized Attachments Lead to Lost Joint Use Rental Revenue for Utility Pole Owners

Ensuring Public Safety with Utility Pole Inspections

Protecting Utility Poles From Extreme Weather

Supreme Court Ruling On FCC Joint Use Utility Pole Rules

Pole Attachment Legislation update at TVPPA Engineering & Operations conference

Notes from the Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee Summer Educational Conference

Utilities Win Pole Regulation Case

Utility Pole Joint Use - How Does It Work?

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