The Benefits of a Joint Use Platform [Part 3]: For Attachers

Posted by Ashley Little on May 23, 2017

shutterstock_42840817.jpgIt’s been all over the news this past year: Google Fiber made plans to deploy broadband into several markets at a breakneck pace. Speed to market is critical and the behemoth company hit roadblocks. While we do not speak for Google, delays on new attachment deployment created a significant hold-up and likely contributed to the company rethinking its broadband strategy entirely.

If Google faced such challenges deploying equipment, how are smaller attachers supposed to make headway?

The Struggle Is Real: Attachers Need a More Streamlined Process Just Like Owners
While the bulk of asset liability lies with the owner, attachers certainly are not free to do as they please. Transfer requests come in, and attachment requests require follow-up. Make-ready work and transfer schedules need coordinating, contracts require review, and payments and billing must be processed. All of these tasks currently require multiple systems and processes, often becoming resource and time-intensive. Failure to meet deadlines or to make payments can damage relationships between all joint use stakeholders, placing future deployment plans in jeopardy.

Improve Communications
A centralized platform enables asset owners, attachers, and third-party contractors to share access to a single source of asset data, and communicate within one system. Data security is key here. Owners and attachers alike must be able to share ONLY the data they want to share within and outside the organization.

A centralized platform can consolidate comprehensive asset management information, including (but not at all limited to):

  • Attachment permitting requests
  • Pole construction work management
  • Pole replacements
  • Corrections
  • Make-ready work
  • Field inspection data
  • Transfer requests
  • Detach notices
  • Pole removals
  • Pole installation
  • Billing records

This system allows attachers to submit and to have visibility to any type of request, receive notices and updates, track project schedules, and be notified of impending or past-due deadlines. It can also replace unreliable paper or email communications, which can be easily misplaced or overlooked.

Accelerate Time to Market
Asset data can identify all visible deployment routes for deployments and provide all the necessary attachment details for those assets, which can help accelerate time to market while increasing transparency within the industry.

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