That's a Wrap: 2024 Alden Conference Brings Utility Pros Together for Joint Use Collaboration

Posted by Ashley Little on May 22, 2024


The energy was electric (pun intended) at the recent 2024 Alden Conference, where the team behind Alden ONE, the joint use asset management platform for utilities, came together with professionals in electric power, telecommunications, broadband, and engineering from across the U.S.

The core mission of the Alden ONE Conference goes beyond product education. This annual event is all about fostering collaboration within the joint use community. "The most important part is you being here, connecting with each other, learning from each other," Alden Systems CEO John Sciarabba remarked during the Keynote Address. The Alden Conference creates a space for joint use professionals to gather and share best practices, troubleshoot common challenges, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Alden believes in "Better Communities through Better Infrastructure." Finding the common ground among all stakeholders is how we get there. 

Celebrating a Year of Growth & Connection 

The 2024 conference saw a remarkable 40% increase in client attendance,  reflecting the growing importance of efficient joint use management, and the value of Alden ONE software. The enthusiasm was notable with participants expressing excitement at the opportunity to interact onsite directly with the entire Alden team.

During the opening keynote, Sciarabba highlighted Alden's growth and recent achievements, including enhancing security through an ongoing SOC2 audit, improving performance with database upgrades, and the attraction of top talent to key roles within the company. 

Deep Dives into Alden ONE

The agenda offered in-depth explorations of various use cases for Alden ONE. Attendees gained specific insights into how to leverage the platform for tasks, such as:

  • Addressing Attachment Permitting 
  • Managing Violations
  • Capturing Data in Field Audits with Task Agent
  • Exploring Future Alden ONE Use Cases

The focus on practical applications ensured that participants left the conference better equipped to optimize Alden ONE in their own joint use operations.


Subject Matter Expertise in the Spotlight

Alden team panels provided a platform for interactive Q&A, allowing attendees to delve deeper into their own specific challenges. The open exchange of knowledge fostered a collaborative atmosphere where everyone could tap into the group's collective expertise.


Task Agent + Alden ONE Integration: A Valued Takeaway

There was a significant buzz around the Task Agent app available on Apple iOS and Android. Task Agent can be used online or offline, seamlessly integrates with Alden ONE, assists with field asset data capture, audit execution, and reporting. Learn more about Task Agent. 

Going the Extra Mile: Alden ONE Training & Pro Client Sessions 

The week wound down with Alden ONE training classes plus the ever-popular Alden ONE Pro client sessions. These private, in-depth discussions allow for an individualized focus on specific client needs. Alden is committed to providing exceptional customer service and building strong, lasting partnerships.

Feedback Speaks Volumes 

Beyond the formal sessions, the conference provided ample space for informal networking and uniting with peers from across the joint use spectrum. A sense of connectedness is a hallmark of the Alden Conference, which has become known as an incubator for collaboration and problem-solving within the utility joint use community. 

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees lauded the conference as "top-notch" and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to connect with fellow industry professionals.

A Look Ahead: Embracing Change 

The 2024 Alden Conference concluded with insights from CEO John Sciarabba focusing on the fact that change, while often uncomfortable, is essential for progress. Conference participants were acknowledged as "agents of change" for their willingness to embrace new technologies and processes. The message was one of perseverance and collaboration, recognizing that successful change management requires effort by the collective.

With plans already underway to make the 2025 Alden Conference even bigger (why not the largest in the U.S.?), Alden Systems is reinforcing the importance of fostering collaboration by working better together.

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