Track Streetlight Assets in Alden ONE

Posted by Ashley Little on October 31, 2023

Track Streetlight Assets in Alden One

In response to requests from our users, it’s now possible to track and manage the attributes of streetlights through conversations (just like utility poles) from within the Alden ONE platform. We enable utility asset owners, attaching companies, engineering firms, and other authorized parties to:  

  • Quickly view available streetlights in a detailed map view 
  • Streamline the process for requesting a permit-to-attach to the streetlights 
  • Determine which streetlights are unavailable 
  • Reserve streetlight assets for attachments
  • Swiftly view the attaching company information by individual streetlight with color-coded designations using role-based permissions  

Unlike utility poles that may or may not have a lighted attachment, streetlights exist primarily to light roadways and sidewalks at night. In most circumstances, the equipment that can be attached to a streetlight — other than the light itself — can include: 

  • signal amplifiers for cell phone service 
  • security cameras 
  • “shot spotter” sensors that detect the presence of gunfire
  • 5G nodes for high-speed wireless internet
  • traffic-monitoring devices 

Typically, only one attachment per streetlight is allowed, although that may change in the not-too-distant future. 

Why is tracking streetlight assets so important? 

The $42.45 billion federal Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program seeks to expand high-speed internet access to rural or remote areas, including US protectorates. The funds are intended to be used in planning, infrastructure deployment, and adoption programs, spurring many new projects.  

Laying new fiber optic lines can be prohibitively expensive or simply impractical. With the advent of 5G wireless technology, service providers are increasingly turning to wireless transmission networks to deliver broadband internet. With increased demand comes the need for even more efficient planning – and for many wireless attachers, this means understanding attributes and reserving important “real estate” for wireless attachments. Those wireless nodes must be mounted somewhere, and streetlights are a convenient place to do so.  

How does Alden ONE make tracking and managing streetlight assets easier? 

Since streetlights and utility poles (along with pertinent attributes of each) can now be viewed on a single map, planners and engineers have a much easier time (and more options for) figuring out where devices can be attached when rolling out new broadband access to remote areas and communities. They no longer have to secure right-of-way from landowners, place new poles, or modify existing ones to string miles and miles of cable to service those areas.   

When a service provider wishes to attach wireless equipment in a new area, having streetlights included in Alden ONE lets them know which assets are available, making it much easier to plot a deployment route. Asset owners and joint use attachers alike now have a way to visually manage networks and processes with even better clarity and detail. 

The new streetlight asset-tracking feature fully integrates with Alden ONE’s existing tools for starting conversations, communicating with necessary partners, requesting attachment permits, managing projects, and more. To learn more about how tracking streetlight assets in Alden ONE can help your team save time, schedule a 1:1 meeting. 

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