A Deep Dive into how Alden ONE’s Data Lake Empowers Analytics

Posted by Ashley Little on November 14, 2023

Part two of Alden Systems' series on “The Value of the Alden ONE Data Lake for Joint Use Asset Management.” Read the first article here.   


We understand that utility, communications, and broadband providers have a common challenge: the need to save time and to optimize processes. A data lake is a valuable tool, allowing Alden ONE Pro users to swiftly perform their own slicing and dicing of collected data – exactly when they need to. Adrian Torres, Product and Business Analyst for Alden ONE, explains how the Alden One Data Lake helps save you time while providing critical business intelligence. “It removes obstacles companies have traditionally faced when trying to access underlying detailed asset and attachment data,” he says.   

As an add-on enhancement to Alden ONE, the Alden ONE Data Lake means that users no longer must spend hours cobbling together reports by coordinating with different departments or various stakeholders to build out accurate, comprehensive reports. All of the insights from data housed in Alden ONE are at each user’s fingertips, quickly populated into a customized dashboard that users (with the proper role and permissions) can create anytime. 

All utility industry stakeholders — whether pole, vault, or other asset owners, attachers, or engineering firms — can use Alden ONE’s Data Lake to extract the underlying data from needed to analyze project progress, identify weak links in performance/processes that require improvement, and plan for the future.  

Sample use cases for the Alden ONE Data Lake: 


  • Improve business intelligence.

“Pole owners can measure how long it takes to process a permitting application or to complete make-ready construction and identify cases where they can expect very good performance, as well as where to plan for mitigating obstacles related to construction or permitting,” Torres says.

  • Spot patterns.

For example, utility asset owners and attachers involved in tracking and managing joint use assets can track how long a partner engineering or construction company takes to perform field surveys, use those findings to compare associated costs, and identify areas in need of improved efficiency. Torres explains that “companies are in a better position to spot patterns that emerge from the data and dig into what’s behind any outliers. In the case of timely or non-timely performers, further research provides insight into process change.”

  • Save time and be more responsive.

The ability to perform specialized ad hoc reports is important to Alden ONE users whose business needs are ever-changing. “When an urgent unanticipated reporting request comes in, being able to go straight to the data lake and get the information needed to build those reports saves time and is a significant benefit,” says Torres.

What other benefits does the Alden ONE Data Lake offer?  

The Alden ONE Data Lake helps to alleviate — or even eliminate — points of friction related to communicating reporting requirements that are essential for gathering information and generating analyses. Alden ONE Data Lake users can leverage data sets in their raw, unstructured state. Since users no longer have to wait for data to be reformatted or otherwise “cleaned,” they have the flexibility to make changes to reporting requirements on the fly.  

It’s also useful for analyzing large volumes of data that have typically been difficult to transfer, including historical records that can allow for more accurate forecasting. Thanks to the cloud-based architecture, Alden ONE Data Lake is easily scalable, and your company data is secure, encrypted, and automatically backed up. 

How does Alden ONE Data Lake help with regulatory compliance? 

Users find it especially helpful for compliance reporting requests that require a quick turnaround. “Even if it’s a recurring report or filing that needs to be done with the regulatory agency, analysts often receive requests for new data points,” Torres says. In those cases, having direct access to the underlying data allows companies to quickly modify reports — or create new ones to satisfy additional compliance requests.    

Leverage the Power of the Alden ONE Data Lake 

Through process automation, Alden ONE not only saves time, but also brings clarity and control to joint use asset management for all players in the utility industry. With unparalleled visibility into vital data and the power to generate better business intel, you'll be ready for what’s next.  

With the Alden ONE Data Lake, say goodbye to “data fishing expeditions” and instead go straight to the catch. To learn more about how to add on the Alden ONE Data Lake to your Pro subscription and elevate data your analysis, schedule a 1:1 meeting. 

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