Alden ONE: How Joint Use Software Turns Your Data into Action

Posted by Ashley Little on October 10, 2023

How Reports & Dashboards Turn Data into Insights

Behind-the-scenes heroes power our nation's critical utility joint use infrastructure. Utility asset owners, engineering firms, construction companies, and joint use attachers work together to maintain our electric and communications systems — helping our society to function smoothly.  

With such high stakes, coordinated communication is vital. Utility providers must share asset data to effectively collaborate and keep projects on track. Failure to do so can put you out of compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or state regulations and can cause project delays. No one wants that.

Data is collected daily about utility poles and other asset equipment to which all project stakeholders need access. Although companies in the utility space focus on differing priorities, such as safety or speed of deployment, everyone can agree on one thing: Data insights shared across teams are the catalyst to proactive joint use asset management. 

So, how can you simultaneously sort through data to get the intelligence you need while ensuring you communicate those insights with the necessary partners? Read on. 

Alden ONE Reporting & Dashboards: Bringing Clarity & Control to Joint Use Asset Management

Alden ONE is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform and a centralized joint use asset management hub for utility industry providers. Through its workflow automation and communication features, the platform can support numerous asset types, including:  

  • Distribution Poles 
  • Streetlights
  • Cell Towers 
  • Conduit
  • Right-of-way (ROW)

Alden ONE offers robust visibility by turning captured data into insights for leaders and keeps all utility stakeholders connected. In short, the platform brings clarity and control to joint-use collaboration.

Breaking Down the Features of Alden ONE

General System Searching Helps Save You Time 

Searching and querying lets you pull data using specific parameters. For example, you can perform keyword searches for map locations and numeric searches for pole numbers — letting you easily navigate asset records throughout the crowded database.  

Alden ONE also includes query filtering tools to narrow in further on search results. For instance, you can refine queries based on criteria like current assignment, state, city, or conversation status. Search criteria can be saved so you can quickly run prior searches without having to recreate the search each time.

Share Data Reporting to Drive Outcomes 

Next on the list is data reporting on what's stored in the system. Alden ONE lets you run reports in two main ways: 

  • Ad-hoc (as needed) to export data upon user command 
  • Scheduled presets that determine when a report will get emailed or uploaded into another system  

Individual users or entire teams will receive project progress updates on the items for which they are responsible. The system allows individuals to produce reports, or company-specific updates, for any utility asset owner, pole attacher, engineering firm, or other key partner. 

Dashboards Empower Internal Analysis

There's no better way to extract meaning from your data than through "seeing the numbers." Alden ONE dashboards provide business intelligence for swift decision-making by presenting and visualizing data in near real time.   

Dashboards display project progress, illuminate activity patterns, and reveal problem areas, such as recurring maintenance issues. This empowers your team to proactively fix known problems and continue what's working in your operation.

Alden ONE's Data Lake Expands Data Insights

Alden ONE's Data Lake expands the platform's potential to escalate the value of your data by housing and processing all information relating to utility assets, joint use poles, attachments, customers, and conversations.

In addition to dashboards, the Alden ONE Data Lake integrates with third-party business intelligence tools. Analysts can extract the needed data, import it into their desired intelligence program, and produce insights to improve all business areas, including operations and performance.

a Competitive Edge

Alden ONE's Reporting & Dashboard tools allow your business to get ahead and remain in sync with key stakeholders:

  • Query searches allow users to pull relevant data records that meet any criteria, no matter how extensive the database.

  • Data reporting lets you run reports and securely share findings with other project collaborators.

  • Dashboards give you visual interpretations of your asset data for more informed decision-making.

  • The Alden ONE Data Lake is a one-stop shop for analysis that securely houses your data across various companies, functions, and categories.

Stay Informed to Handle What's Next

Book a 1:1 meeting today to learn more about how Alden ONE helps save you time by connecting utility asset owners, joint use attachers, and engineering service firms.

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