Standardize Processes with Alden ONE Activities and Workflows

Posted by Ashley Little on January 9, 2024

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Alden ONE is a web-based, cloud-hosted platform that supports all types of utility assets, including distribution poles, conduit, streetlights, cell towers, right-of-way, and more. It’s an end-to-end solution for managing joint use and utility real estate assets.

However, Alden ONE is much more than an asset management tool. It’s also an activity management platform.  

Utility projects involving joint use assets are collaborative efforts that involve many moving pieces, multiple parties, and complex timing — all of which must comply with state and FCC regulations. With an increasing volume of work related to building out broadband internet and 5G technologies, it’s all too easy for projects to stall due to lack of communication. That’s a significant part of why Alden ONE’s activities and workflow functionality is so valuable for electric utilities, communications providers, broadband and engineering companies, and their partners. Not to mention, Alden ONE serves as a centralized repository for all documentation for driving accountability.

Let’s examine how the communication tools in Alden ONE keep projects on track, save time, and standardize your business process workflows.

What Is an Alden ONE “Conversation?” 

A “Conversation” in Alden ONE refers to all the communications among utility stakeholders regarding common asset data, relevant processes/workflows, and other information necessary for a task or project to be completed, such as documents, notes, photos, invoices, and contracts.

Why Are Conversations Important?

Conversations facilitate Alden ONE’s goal of centralizing communications and actions around utility assets and activities. Say goodbye to hassles like maintaining multiple spreadsheets or hunting down email attachments.  

Alden ONE unifies stakeholder visibility into relevant data sets, defines activities through workflows, and automates to improve productivity. It’s an efficient workflow management engine, driving towards standardized processes and repeatable outcomes.

How Do Conversations Help Standardize Processes and Expedite Work?

Alden ONE Conversations ensure all stakeholders have a clear view of project status, assignments, and timelines, along with the ability to identify and mitigate bottlenecks. Utility stakeholders—whether internal or external — must move in concert to drive projects to completion. 

Gain Clarity and Control

Alden ONE Conversations make a great capture tool for notes and documents, with options for private and public sharing. Company administrators retain control over which companies and contacts can view and access their data. Additionally, the ability to grant permissions by role (rather than specific individuals) makes it easy to share what’s needed (and only what’s needed) with other companies or partners.   

Alden ONE Conversations also provide a complete audit trail, useful for compliance inquiries. With a time-stamped log of every action that occurs in each conversation, you won’t ever have to wonder about who said what — and when — about a particular task. 

Streamline Work & Save Time with Alden ONE

Alden ONE’s activities and workflows simplify how you track and drive progress, delivering unparalleled transparency and providing the kind of high-level accountability that will propel your team to meet and exceed goals.   

Interested in learning more about Alden ONE Pro? Learn how you and your team can create repeatable processes that drive efficiency and save you time.  Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our team.

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