Implementing Solutions to Deliver on the Promises of 5G

Posted by Ashley Little on November 30, 2021

Alden Systems, McLean Engineering Team Up to Bridge the Digital Divide


Read Closing the U.S. Digital Divide: Why We Should Think Small to Win Big in AGL Magazine to learn why John Sciarabba, CEO of Alden Systems, explains how companies can create micro-efficiencies to help deliver broadband.

The digital divide between urban and rural people in the US continues to widen. BroadbandNow reports that at least 42 million people lack access to terrestrial broadband internet. The implications of this figure are clear: without equitable access to broadband for all, large swathes of our population are currently missing out on the economic and social benefits that 5G provides.

Service providers and stakeholders can help solve this problem—with the right approach.

John Sciarabba, Alden Systems’ CEO, believes that the key is in finding ways to carve out efficiencies by using software and automation to create more capacity for the staff you do have to offset the lack of industry resources. The article explores the answer to this question: “What is the one cost variable to 5G deployment that we can positively influence?”

  • How to use data to drive business process automation
  • How to change the way you think about work itself
  • Why data plays a crucial role
  • Why small adjustments are necessary in today’s market

Read the article from Above Ground Level magazine, September 2021:
Closing the U.S. Digital Divide: Why We Should Think Small to Win Big


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