Alden Systems Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer Troy Schake

Posted by Ashley Little on April 23, 2024

Troy Schake

Alden Systems is excited to announce that Troy Schake has joined our team as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO). We asked Schake about this important change and what it means for both our company and our clients.


What inspired you to pursue this position?
I was approached by a good friend and mentor who shared that Alden Systems was seeking a Chief Operating Officer with experience in the utility industry. I had exposure to Alden, but never had the pleasure of connecting with their team. After learning more about the role and the mission Alden was on, it was suggested a connection with Alden Systems’ CEO would be a good next step. After connecting with CEO John Sciarabba and hearing his passion for how Alden is serving their clients and the industry through Utility Joint Use software applications, this confirmed it was an opportunity I wanted to pursue.  

What skills and experiences do you bring to this position?
Most of my career has been dedicated to serving the utility and electric cooperative industry. I am passionate about connecting utility clients to business-changing technology, and watching that technology change their work lives for the better. Throughout my career, I have held both business development and operational leadership roles and learned how to blend both to achieve maximum efficiency and growth. As a people person, I thrive on empowering and enabling teams to grow personally and professionally.   

How will this new role allow you to contribute to Alden’s growth and success? 
With an operational and business development background, I am uniquely equipped to drive operational change while assisting business development focus on strategic growth. The opportunity to leverage my experience in both worlds will enable Alden Systems to achieve a meaningful impact in efficiency and growth. 

What challenges do you anticipate in your new role, and how do you plan to address them?
There are certainly no lack of challenges as our clients and the industry face an ever-changing world. The focus at Alden has always been and will always be centered around service excellence. Meeting the unique needs of our clients will require Alden to deliver in a few ways.  

In the near term, we are committed to hiring and training more experienced team members, refining our product roadmap, and challenging our development teams to deliver the industry-leading technology our clients need today. Our mission for the future is to continue pushing forward with an agile mindset, strengthen our product and service offerings, and stay in front of industry and regulatory changes.

What message do you have for your colleagues and clients regarding your new role? 
One thing is for certain, things have changed, and will continue to evolve at a much faster pace than ever before. Alden Systems is a leader in Joint Use technology with the Alden ONE software platform, and I am committed to strengthening our operational teams to meet the exciting opportunities ahead. 

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