Managing Map-Based Assets with Inventory Data Collection Software

Posted by Ashley Little on January 29, 2014

ways_to_inventoryOrganizations that deal with geographically diverse field assets can have a difficult time tracking and managing each asset on paper or simple electronic spreadsheets.

Such field assets can be utility poles, conduit, cell towers or other assets that must be documented, periodically serviced, replaced, or removed and retired (for tax purposes.) One best practice for the inventory and management of map-based assets is to utilize inventory data collection software.

Inventory Data Collection Tools

Field inventory software can track any number of different types of assets, from street lights to traffic signs to joint use utility poles and others. Tools can be configured to store any of your custom asset attributes, including GPS coordinates, file attachments and digital images, along with historical information, such as when and how the asset was last serviced. All of this information is stored in a single, unifying database, where it can be accessed at any time.

For instance, part of your job is to manage street lighting in your municipality. You receive a report that a light at 5th and Main needs to be replaced immediately. With an inventory management system, you quickly look up that specific light and dispatch a repair crew easily because you have all the information about that asset at your disposal. You also would be able to view historical information about the asset to see if the current issue is an isolated incident, or a recurring problem.

Going forward, you schedule reminders for future inspections, ensure everything stays in working order. You also check to see what other lights were last serviced at around the same time, and schedule inspections for them to determine whether or not they are due for repairs.

Great field inventory software platforms go beyond storing and sorting data, to full project customization based on your business requirements. Such systems are adaptable for the type of assets you manage and for your specific needs in managing those assets. If your project specifications change mid-stream, no problem: quickly and easily adjust the parameters to accommodate the new requirements and objectives.

Inventory data collection software solution allows you to keep track of your physical assets, whatever they may be. If your staff is too overloaded to handle regular inventories, supplemental staff—expert technicians can be outsourced to perform the job for you.

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