Why Use Third-Party Administration? Reason 3: Knowledge is Power

Posted by Ashley Little on November 18, 2014

third_party_administration_knowledgeAt Alden, we declared November to be “Forget doing it yourself and get help!” month with a series of blogs dedicated to why using third-party administration (TPA) to solve some of your joint use issues might be a good idea.

What is third-party administration? Great question. It is a service that allows you to bring in expert joint use resources whenever you need additional help on a short-term project or on a permanent basis, based on your specific business needs. 

As you may well know, joint use administration is a complex, data-heavy undertaking that requires a good bit of expertise to be done correctly and efficiently. Simply, there is no substitute for an experienced staff when you need to complete a project. Having a TPA expert that knows all sides of the business from inventory, contract and project management, to quality assurance testing, ensures you receive the highest service value. Further, employing a TPA expert who will arm you with good data reduces liability, increases your revenue stream and allows you to take actions based on the data as well as to better plan and forecast. TPA is a win-win.

Experts such as Alden’s TPA staff have first-hand knowledge working in joint use. A great TPA partner will possess field expertise if you need to combine an audit with a TPA violations project. You also need people who understand all sides of the billing process for owners and attachers.

For Pole Owners & Attachers

TPA allows you to benefit from a wealth of joint use experience. Knowledge is key in joint use management, whether you are a pole owner or attacher. TPA is particularly effective in that it views the joint use landscape as a whole, providing impartial judgment to get the job done right.

What Can You Do Next?

Hire an expert to help. You may need TPA to manage joint use issues on a short-term project basis, or a partner who can act as an extension of your current joint use department in whatever capacity and for however long you need. Experts should bring to the table not only years of service to the industry, but a full complement of joint use software and service solutions, all designed to make joint use life easier for your business.

Is this your moment to decide you could use a partner in joint use administration? Think TPA. It may just be the solution for you. (this is the third article in a series of 3, click here to read the first article)

Benefits of Joint Use Managed Services