3 Personality Types You Should Look for in a Managed Services Provider

Posted by Ashley Little on April 12, 2016


3 Personality Types You Should Look for in a Managed Services ProviderIn our everyday lives, as well as in business, the quality of our partnerships often hinges on the personalities involved. People are characters and certain job tasks require particular aptitudes and attitudes. In your best friends, you seek out the wise ones, the comedians, the caregivers. However, when it comes to joint use, especially finding a managed services partner, what personality types partner best? 

We have some ideas, drawn from our experiences in the field and the back office. Here are three personality types you should look for when searching for a Managed Services partner:

The Facilitator

Armed with the ability to take data from the field and turn it into usable, updatable, valuable information, a partner with this kind of industrious, connective trait can become the bridge between field work and back office databases. With this mindset, managed services providers are suited to work as an architect and implementer, ensuring that data captured is data that can be leveraged to make proactive decisions and smart asset maintenance choices, as well as generally help joint use departments manage their many diverse assets and attachers in the field.

The Muscle

For joint use departments overwhelmed by growth, hindered by lack of resources, facing piles of backlogged transfer requests, or who have not completed a thorough field assessment in a good while, a heavy lifter can serve as invaluable firepower in the field. Typically brought in as a short-term, stopgap field staffing solution, this high-intensity "doer" personality trait makes managed services providers who possess it perfectly suited to help companies burn through backlogged work and get up-to-date on repairs, clearing NESC violations and other field tasks quickly, all with less cost and commitment than hiring permanent staff.

The Impressionist

With joint use generally seen as secondary to mission critical activities within an organization, in certain cases outsourcing the entire department is the right decision. A managed services provider who is skilled at effectively standing in for joint use staff can serve as hybrid in-house, but outsourced experts, in charge of all things from contracts to transfers, field work to database management. Managed Services providers bring both staff and software to the table, creating a seamless integration between in-house staff and the outside team.

Who are you looking for?

A helper to put together the pieces of smart data usage and expert field work? A strong-arm ready to add firepower to your field staff? Or a complete solution, ready to take over your joint use department and help it function seamlessly? 

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